Seabrook Continuing Care Services

The two major goals of The Seabrook as a Continuing Care Retirement Community are 1) for residents to be able to remain a part of the community for their lifetime and 2) to enable residents to maintain their highest functional abilities and continue residency in the least restrictive environment.

Our comprehensive Home Health & Wellness Care Program assists in accomplishing these goals by offering an array of “home-based assisted living-type services” coordinated and supervised by its Administrator, a licensed Registered Nurse. The Seabrook Home Health & Wellness staff is committed to assure you receive excellent care and it has always been our policy to respect your individuality and dignity.

Services available through this program are essential in making it possible for residents to continue to live in their familiar home environment while continuing to engage with neighbors and staff they’re comfortable with. These additional select services play a major role in longevity with a happier outlook as a person’s physical or cognitive needs change.

As a not for profit community we make every effort to make services flexible and affordable. Our VIP Home-Based Service currently provides intermittent care on a 12-hour basis. The Seabrook’s intention is to expand this service to 24-hour care starting in 2019. This 24-hour intermittent VIP Home-Based care is an affordable alternative to having full time 24-hour private duty care or transferring to a skilled nursing setting.

In a few cases, a person may need a short stay while their spouse or primary caretaker is temporarily unable to provide care or needs relief. For this situation, The Seabrook’s Fraser Health Center provides respite care services for your loved one, typically about a one to two week stay. For detailed information, call Kathy Christian, Director of Nursing, at 843-842-3747.

Direct care services that are provided from a licensed assisted living community can be provided through The Seabrook’s VIP Home-Based Service program in the comfort and privacy of your own home. The $80/day cost for services may be comparable to charges in a licensed assisted living facility.

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