Never a Dull Moment at The Seabrook

Weekdays are busy with exercise classes three times a week, and during the summer months, water-aerobics class is held Tuesday and Thursday. Each week starts with a Sunday night movie in the auditorium, and Bingo is held every other Wednesday evening. Tuesday and Thursday, Trivial Pursuit offers residents a chance to show off their retention of obscure facts and figures – and it is quite competitive – and current events discussions are held once a week. The complimentary cocktail parties are very popular, with beer and wine served along with mixers and snacks. Music usually accompanies the parties, and it is not uncommon for those attending to sing along with their favorite songs. All educational seminars and lecture series are free to residents.

Participation is strictly up to the resident, so it’s easy to take advantage of what’s of interest. All community activities are included in the resident’s monthly fee.

Regular Activities

  • Exercise classes
  • Water aerobic classes during the outdoor pool season
  • Trivial Pursuit
  • Current events discussion
  • Bingo nights
  • Sunday movie night
  • Educational seminars & visiting lecture series (Lifelong Learning Seminars)
  • Weekly complimentary happy hour cocktail parties on Monday & Friday
  • Recreational tournaments
  • Numerous clubs & committees
  • Special holiday party events (Christmas, New Year’s Eve, etc.)
  • Off-campus excursions, some of which may require a fee

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