7 Reasons Why Seniors Should Consider Moving to a Retirement Community

1.) Meal Plans Included

All senior retirement communities offer a “meal plan” – whether it’s 1, 2 or 3 meals per day – with the flexibility of  “taking out” or having meals delivered, typically for a nominal charge. Most residents are tired of cooking and are perfectly fine with someone else preparing their meals .   .   .  and the food tastes better!


2.) No Yardwork Necessary

Who wants to cut grass, lay down mulch or hop over to Home Depot for new shrubbery to plant?  It’s time to retire hubby’s “green-less thumb” and let someone else take care of the yard. 


3.) No Home Repairs

Living in a larger, older home poses some challenges in that there is going to be a need for repairs.  Never get on a ladder and try your hand at “do-it- yourself” repair work. It’s easy to lose your balance, fall, and break something and possibly change your life.  With retirement living,  your maintenance staff is onsite. Problems solved.      


4.) Ability to Downsize

Condominiums are the most common accommodations when moving to a retirement community (Hilton Head offers homes and cottages as well).  Most retirees are moving out of a single-family residence and downsizing to a 2 bedroom condo roughly 1000 – 1400 SF. The equity in their home helps pay for the less expensive retirement property and in most cases, there will be funds left over.    


5.) Socialization

If you’ve lived in a neighborhood for 25-30 years, there’s a good chance a number of your neighbors have moved or passed away. If you don’t have convenient access to friends, it’s easy to become isolated and even more so if you no longer drive. Retirement communities offer numerous activities that enable residents many social outlets to have fun.


6.) Exercise Programs

Clinical studies have proven that physical exercise can lead to a longer and more productive life. Most retirement communities have an exercise room with cardio and weight machines as well as offer exercise classes that stress balance and flexibility as well.  Your health club membership is no longer needed.


7.) Immediate Access to Health Services

Retirement communities will differ based on the level of care they provide.  CCRC’s offer 3 levels of care: Independent, Assisted and Skilled Nursing. while some communities offer just Independent and Assisted Living, and others offer Independent only.  Bottom-line: if you need immediate medical help, it’s available.


Regardless of how many reasons there are, the most important question is: Which community is the “Best Fit” for your lifestyle and pocketbook?

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