5 Ways to Make This New Year the Best Year Ever

Every January we have a “do over”. We have another year to get things right. How would you like to improve yourself this year? Maybe you don’t need to do anything different, just better. Here are a few ideas to consider as you map out your goals and plan for success in the new year:


Physical exercise is critical. Cardio (walking, running, cycling) and resistance training (weights, bands) are the core disciplines that determine how your body responds to daily living challenges. As we age, exercise becomes one of the cornerstones of enjoying a “quality” life longer. Dedicate at least 30 minutes every day to take care of your body 

Challenging Your Brain

What do you do each day to “challenge” your brain? Something as simple as reading increases mental processing in the pre-frontal cortex. What about learning a new language or taking on a new hobby? Short-term memory starts to slide as we age. The best way to slow it down is to force your brain to “try to remember.”  If you can’t scroll up a thought right away,  focus/concentrate on finding the answer in your subconscious. You’ll be surprised how often the answer comes to you.

Having a Purpose

My definition of “having a purpose” deals more with how we help people by way of our actions. Many retired folks volunteer to keep themselves busy. Waking in up in the morning and having the opportunity to improve someone’s life enhances our own moral compass with self-esteem and relevancy. Our contribution to society is not over. It makes us feel good. 

Define What’s Fun and Do It

Having “fun” means something that provides you “enjoyment.” Having fun can be a solitary experience like painting, woodworking, photography, writing, knitting, etc. You then share your talent with others. Or fun is meeting friends for lunch or Happy Hour and having a few laughs while sharing tall-tales of the past. It’s those times that are most enjoyable. Remember, we’re “social animals”, right? Let’s enjoy ourselves. 

Make a Difference Each Day

It’s so easy to tread water in our daily routine and lose sight of all the available opportunities. Because you’ve retired doesn’t mean you are now “irrelevant” or incapable of making a difference. Make this the year to get involved and help someone; for no other reason than it makes their life better as well as yours. 


My best wishes to everyone and I truly hope you have the best year possible. Life is short, so let’s make the most of it for ourselves and others!!

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